CookieCuttr Demo: Discreet Link

Demo: Just want a discreet link, which you can position?

Reset Cookies

You can see it in action above. You just need to switch it on and tell it where to position. Please note, this will not display if the website visitor has accepted cookies.

If you want a reset button and you want this to be discreet as well, no problem just set cookieResetButton to true and cookieDiscreetReset to true.

You can choose the positions (this applies to Discreet Link and Discreet Reset): "topleft", "bottomleft", "topright", "bottomright" - just set the options below:

$(document).ready(function () {
cookieDiscreetLink: true,
cookieDiscreetPosition: "topright",
cookiePolicyLink: "/privacy-policy/"
}); });

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